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Welcome to "5 Steps"


You've almost certainly arrived at this site because someone has kindly sent you a copy of our ebook - "How to play the lottery for free".

This site is simply a "support" site and will help you play two of the world's biggest lotteries, the National UK Lottery and the European Euromillions lottery, for FREE.

If you've read the ebook you'll want to know how to get your own customised copy of the ebook. Well, it's very simple -

Click here to customise your own ebook

There are already thousands of members all around the world (133 countries at last count) who play the UK Lotto and Euromillions Lottery every week, totally free.

We've made it so incredibly simple - anyone can do it!

If you have arrived at this site without an "invitation", and do not have a copy of the ebook, you can download it for free here.